Pallotta TeamWorks' Creative Container Office

Pallotta TeamWorks' Creative Container Office
Pallotta TeamWorks is a charity in the United States. At the beginning of its establishment, it chose a warehouse in Los Angeles as an office. How to build an inspiring corporate headquarters in a warehouse with low cost, they think of containers that are often used for installation art.
Orange is a warm color, which represents passion and vitality, encourages employees, avoids monotony, and will eliminate employee fatigue to a certain extent; blue is a cool color, symbolizing the feeling of calmness, calmness, and peace of mind. This color helps employees to work steadily, and to do their work with care and dedication. Pallotta TeamWorks has designed a container office with a reasonable combination of cool and warm tones, which greatly improved the efficiency of employees. In the 4000 square meter warehouse, the boxes of orange and blue are stacked like building blocks, full of creativity and vitality.
"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone." - Mrs. Beecher Stowe. Pallotta TeamWorks prints celebrity quotes on the outer shell of a container office to create a positive, humane corporate culture.
Pallotta TeamWorks put a white tent on a row of blue containers and installed an air conditioning system inside. The small pool that surrounds the main building of the office breaks the dull atmosphere of the room, the cobbled pool, and the checkerboard path, which can be carefully jumped into the office, which is very interesting.
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