Precisely what is roller kiln technology as well as its advantage

2020-04-01 15:33:34

Painting tool kiln technology is generally utilized in the production regarding ceramics and other porcelain building materials. Roller kiln hearth kiln is a new commercial kiln which is usually constantly fired. A tube kiln with rotating rollers as the carrier regarding the green body.Porcelain products are put about a quantity of closely spread out horizontal refractory rollers,in addition to the ceramics are transmitted from the kiln go to the kiln end from the rotation of the rollers.
Roller kiln generally provides a tiny cross-section, and typically the temperature inside the kiln is usually uniform, which can be well suited for fast firing, nevertheless the roller substance and installation technology usually are relatively high. Mainly applied for rapid firing regarding building sanitary ceramic goods.

(1) Because the roller kiln has a little cross-section in addition to can be heated upwards and down the painting tool table at the similar time, the temperature goes up quickly and the heat distribution in the kiln is relatively uniform.problem. If it is employed regarding roasting flowers, it could ensure the uniform shade and bright and vivid.
(2) The roller fireside kiln does not employ a kiln car or perhaps a box bowl, and later uses some refractory parts, and some do not necessarily even need pads.As a result, the heat consumption is usually greatly reduced, and typically the fuel is drastically preserved.
(3) It is favorable to the mechanization in addition to automation of the shooting process (packing, firing, air conditioning, and discharging), which assists in the connection between the higher and lower processes,kinds a complete continuous creation line, and boosts creation efficiency.
(4) Simple structure, low expense, ease of maintenance and convenient functioning.
(5) Reduced labor power and improved working surroundings.

35M Mosaic Roller Furnace Roller Kiln
35M Mosaic Roller Furnace Roller Kiln
Roller Kiln Lithium Electric Roller Furnace
Roller Kiln Lithium Electric Roller Furnace

The company masters advanced roller kiln technology, and we could supply ternary material painting tool kiln and powder uncooked material roller kiln together with preferential price which includes with business furnace technological innovation from three countries, of which is, China, Japan,and Germany.


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