Specialist commercial furnace company Jiangsu Qianjin

2020-04-01 16:08:50

Jiangsu Qianjin Furnace Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. is a new professional business furnace business integrating professional kiln, refractories, and special ceramics.That has 56 million repaired assets and 365 workers, including 28 professional technical engineers. It has a porcelain pottery research and advancement center in China. In addition to various high temperature labs.
Qianjin Furnace Industry, among the key member companies, markets more than 300 total sets of professional kiln annually with an end result value of greater than 80 million. It is a new major manufacturer of domestic-scale production of professional heater. You can actually electric furnace enterprise department: main production method experimental electric heating heater, temperature single (double) station push plate kiln, painting tool kiln, mesh belt heater, atmosphere protection (kiln) heater, lifting furnace, bell heater, vacuum furnace, trolley Kilns, box furnaces and additional commercial kilns. The products is mainly used inside special ceramics, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, chemical powder blushes, phosphors, polishing powders, (symbol) battery materials, rare world materials, electronic devices, extended afterglow phosphors, hard metals, Ceramic metallization, petroleum driver, pearl mica, titanium oxide powder, zirconia powder or perhaps other inorganic new supplies and other products regarding sintering and heating.

Optical Glass Annealing Furnace
Optical Glass Annealing Furnace
VOC Exhaust gas purification furnace
VOC Exhaust gas purification furnace
Lifting furnace
Lifting furnace

Qianjin Special Ceramics is typically the second major member business. The organization relies on superior production technology including the Shanghai in china Institute of Ceramics, China Academy of Sciences, in addition to the State Key Clinical of New Type Great Ceramics of Tsinghua University or college, and introduces some high end imported equipment and uses professionals for technical help for some time. Production of professional ceramics and high-temperature kiln furniture. Specific products usually are: alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, corundum crucibles, corundum container bowls, corundum bearing discs, lithium battery material-specific container bowls, ultra-fine alumina corundum bearing plates, and equipment pressure. Push plate,drop plate, cordierite composite mullite push plate, zirconia burning plate as well as other products.

Typically the company's main equipment contains vibration forming machines, 100T, 200T, 500T, 1500T hydraulic forming machines, vacuum creating machines, planetary mixers, area mills, thickness control equipment, cutting machines and a few high-temperature kiln 1300 ℃ -1700 ℃.

The organization firmly implements the ISO9001 global quality system recognition in addition to the ISO14001 environmental documentation system. Welcome to go to the company, exchange and interact personally around.

As a specialist professional furnace company, we all will know our consumer first business philosophy centered on the business beliefs of technology as typically the guide, quality as typically the core and quality since the service. Guests in addition to friends from all areas are welcome to go to and guide! We consider in doing better!




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