What are the characteristics of high temperature furnace

2020-03-28 10:58:34

Top features of high temperature furnace:

1. The inner material is made from silicon carbide integrated creating or ceramic dietary fiberboard assembly, and the external materials are treated along with SPCC steel dish thickness ≥1. 2mm powder baking color;

2. The control has PID microcomputer programmed calculation PHOTOVOLTAIC / SV screen simultaneously, set simply by the button;

3. The current controller is SSR contactless relay, the security device is more than temperature protection, and the insulation materials is glass dietary fiber wool;

4. Timer 0. 01 seconds-999 hours, time in order to cut-off the heating system current;

5. Heating unit: The heating cable can be used below 1200 ℃, the heating system speed is quick the silicon co2 rod is employed over 1200 ℃, and the silicon molybdenum rod is utilized above 1600 ℃.


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