What are the differences between container house and common modular house?

2019-06-11 00:56:02

Prefabricated container houses and mobile homes have a lot in common. Movable board house and container house are made of steel structure. Both are prefabricated products, which are transported to the construction site for assembly and construction after being processed in the factory. Both are cheap and cost effective, which are suitable for construction sites, camp projects and other places. Both of them have good wind resistance and earthquake resistance. A gentleman agrees but differs. There are some differences between the movable board house and the container house, which are embodied in the following aspects: the installation process is different. The installation of the container mobile house is to weld the bottom frame first, then the whole house frame, and then weld the wall and ceiling; Follow the floor, install doors, Windows, water and electricity, etc. The construction process of movable panel house is to build the foundation (usually reinforced concrete foundation); Then do the main frame of the mobile board house, first the column, and then connect the skeleton with the transverse beam, upper partition, outer wall board and door and window frame; Then lay the floor, and put up another layer, and then the roof truss and roofing board; Finally install doors and Windows, pull vertical support. Comparatively speaking, the installation process of four-in-one container house is simpler and more unified. The fastness of mobile board room is a bit better. Links are different.
The whole frame of the container house is welded with steel, which is very strong and will not fall apart. It is more wind-resistant and earthquake-resistant than the movable board house. Moreover, the ceiling of the wall is welded and fixed on the frame of the container mobile house, so the structure is not easy to fall apart, and the wall board will not flake and leak. The main body of the activity room is mainly connected with bolts. In the process of installation, screws at various parts should be tightened so as to prevent the activity room from falling apart due to loose screws after installation. Clapboard of mobile room and wallboard are installed to main body of mobile room with inlaid means, such way is easy to come apart, want to use steel wire to clamp before and after wallboard.
Equipment: container house can be lifted by FCL without using concrete foundation. It can be installed in 15 minutes and moved in in 1 hour. Mobile board room in the installation needs to use concrete foundation, set up the main body, wall, hanging ceiling, equipment, water and electricity, etc., need a long time. Application: container housing, office more comfortable and more user-friendly, can be added or removed at any time, very flexible; And activity board room sound insulation, fire prevention performance is poorer, live person, office quiet degree is general, fixed after installation take shape, cannot add the number of reducing room temporarily again. Relocation: there is no need to separate the container house. The items in the room can be together with the boxes. The container house can be directly pulled away when put on the transport vehicle. Mobile board room disassemble and install scattered, secondary use of the odds is very small. Through the comparison of various aspects, the container house has great advantages, but the mobile board house price low market temporary residence recognition is high, the container house only in recent years in the domestic market, recognition rate is still low.
New welded trailer is popular in recent years, one container, because of its technology is close to the first kind of containers, which some call it container houses, the technical standard below containers, container room features is the most convenient transportation, installation, move, and the cost is low, life in more than ten years, return on investment is higher, the using range is wide, the container houses have to rouse, brand is one of the typical, widely used in construction site as a temporary mobile home, there are shops, factory warehouse, mobile box, mobile toilet, and so on. Container house is a movable house with steel frame, bolt connection or welding fixation, and color steel sandwich plate as wall, which can be moved as a whole. Container houses are mainly divided into three categories. One is the container houses transformed from traditional containers. The second type is a new welding box type mobile house; The third category is a removable box type mobile home.


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