Flat Pack Container House

The flat pack container house is also known as flat pack shipping container house,flat pack container home, can be used as dormitory temporary hospital toilet office storage room etc,can be installed in a short time assembled by bolts with a high intensity,can be used repeatedly with a life span of more than 15 years.The flat pack container house has a well-sealed and reliable structure water-proof fire-resistant moisture-proof and anti-corrosive,and is supporting facilities such as washbasin shower air-conditioner, socket and so on.The special design enables to carry this flat pack container house in a whole without damages, so it's quite suitable for movable projects.Steelfashion supplies flat pack cabins、flat pack modular buildings、flat pack metal storage containers、flat pack office cabins、flat storage containers、flat pack 20 ft container and so on.We are professional manufacturer of the shipping container houses.Our flat pack container house, flat pack shipping container house,flat pack container home are sold worldwide,and we provide one-stop services including consulting, design, manufacturing and installation for our customs.